Suzie Steen is the Director of Actors Creative International and the principal leader of all classes and is at times assisted by other actors and teachers within the industry.  Guest Personalities are invited to join in the Q & A part of some classes.

Having acted in Hollywood for many years, being sponsored by Columbia Pictures, Suzie has had the opportunity to study with Charles Conrad,  Stella Adler, Vincent Chase, privately with Veteran Actors, and the unique “The Second City” in Chicago (Comedy Improvisation), who trained Chevy Chase, Jim Bulushi, Madeline Kahn, Chris Rock, Julia Louise Dryfus, and other ”Saturday Night Live” actors and comedians and Margie Haber who has trained actors like Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Heather Locklear and…..Suzie and Derek Steen.


The Second City Ensemble

Los Angeles – April 2010

Suzie, Kirk, Damien, Danno, Cynthia, Frank

  • Private Dialect and Acting Coaching
  • Career Consulting for Australia and the United States
  • We are also connected with Acting Workshops in the USA and audit classes in Los Angeles, Chicago & New York on a regular basis.

Various courses for all ages are held throughout the year:

  • American Accent Classes
  • Adult Classes – Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner
  • Master Scene Study, On-going workshops
  • Audition Techniques and Actor Essentials – Intensive
  • Show Reel Courses
  • Comedy Workshops
  • Kids and Teens classes – School Term
  • Private Tuition for auditions and/or dialect coaching
  • Holiday and Weekend Workshops

This is a unique, professional, safe and fun place to express yourself!


We work closely with our actors and are capable of showing them where their strengths lie and perhaps where more work needs to be done to find the part that truly believes and feels this is the medium in which they want to work.

For more information on upcoming workshops: Contact Suzie at